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About ZAUM

Zaum, which will release its 28th print issue this spring 2024, is entirely edited and designed by students. Any student, at either SSU or any other university, may submit their work to Zaum. Each issue publishes over 100 pages a year of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or visual art, providing students with professional experience in layout, design, and marketing. The magazine is distributed throughout the Bay Area, and also receives national and international distribution, as many contributors are students in other states and countries. Zaum has received several national student awards from the Associated Writing Programs: for editorial vision (1996), and for graphic design (1998). Multiple student works featured in Zaum have also been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, a national prize open to any writer in the country.

Miah Jeffra is the faculty advisor for Zaum and oversees the program. This program has existed at Sonoma State University for over 40 years: first as the Mandala, and since 1996, as Zaum. The program directly serves about 100 students a year through instruction, publication, or both. The program also serves the entire student body by providing the community a magazine containing the work of their peers, as well as a national magazine, VOLT, which routinely and regularly publishes some of the best-known writers in the country. 

This site hosts a link to the online website versions of our 26th and 27th editions.